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Take it.

Ok, i hate updating so hopefully this will keep everyone out there busy.

I'm trying to think of a new LJ username. any suggestions? just comment with your answers.

Am I cute?:
Am I crazy?:
Am I loveable?:
Am I funny?:
Am I annoying?:
Am I psycho?:
Am I fun to hang out with?:
Am I a good person?:

Miss me if I was gone?:
Listen to my problems?:
Hug me if I cried?:
Consider me a good friend?:
Ever go out with me?:
Kiss me?:
Marry me?:

When's my birthday?:
What school do I go to?:
Who is my best friend?:
Favorite color?:
Favorite movie/s?:
Do I prefer night or day?:
Do I prefer to see the movie or read the book?:
Do I prefer rain or snow?:

Give me a new name, what would it be and why?:
Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?:
Comment on my clothes/style, what would you say?:

What do you love about me?:
What do you hate about me?:
What is my best quality?:
If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:
What is your honest opinion of me?

Have Fun.
Senses Fail


went to the football game tonight. was pretty cool. hung out with alot of people! Def better than sitting on my ass all night.

hoping dan comes back to his grandmas later so we can chill.

tomorrow should be fun. soccer game at 9:15 then hanging out with kyle chelsea and dylan. and then dan after he gets out of work.

any plans for saturday??


Allright i'm sick of writitng all this shit if no ones gonna comment. i want to see some comments people!!

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Senses Fail

(no subject)

So as all of my friends have been saying, school has broughten everyone closer. Every weekend its the same thing. Hang out with Dan, Chelsea, Kyle and Dylan. And i'm completly ok with it. To be quite honest i love it. So now in a sense I am starting to enjoy school only because of how good its affecting my life.

Just finished reading Dannys journal and theres a part in there i hate. At the end of this year he might be leaving for collage. For some reason I find this bugging me so much! For my entire life hes always been around and to think at the end of this year he could be anywhere going to collage. I know everyone who reads this might find this gay. But hes been my cloesest(sp?)for as long as i can rember.

So i'm very happy. Yet there are things like that, that are bugging me. but oh well i cant complain. life is pretty fucking good right now.

Tomorrow should be haning out with Dan, Chelsea, Kyle, and Dylan like always lol. should be fun times if it works out.

For now.
Senses Fail

lots of stuff.

Saturday: Got to Skatefest wicked early cause of Chelsea and it fucking poured! we were standing in the rain for 4 hours! it was such a kick ass day!! all the bands were fucking amazing! Boys Night Out, Hawthorne Heights, Spitalfield, Halifax, and Folly! all put on amazing shows!! met some cool kids there. smoked in the bathroom. it was intense shit! went to Chelseas and passed out

Sunday: Skipped my game. and came home around 1? showered and chilled. then hung out with danny. fun times. overall not a bad day.

Monday: went to school. my mom picked me up. went to dans gmas and chilled. went to the mall. met some random girl Vicky. weird ass girl. slept at dans. fun day overall!

Tuesday: woke up. and walked to the bus stop. school was boring like usual. my mom picked me up and we got into a fight. i won. chilled at the house for a while. Dan went and picked up Dylan while i waited for chelsea. then Dan picked us up. went to Grendville. met shane, stephanie, corrine, and alysa. there were now all of them plus me, chelsea, danny, kyle, and dylan. so now there were alot of people. after went to kyles. watched them practice. fun shit. fun day.

Today: went to school. shitty day at school. came home and Dan picked me up. we chilled. then he went to work. then i showered and left to the doctors. went and got subway. came home. and here i am.

lets home theres something to do later.
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Senses Fail

Thursday, Friday

Woke up and went to school. Had a test in English. pretty sure i failed it. came home. and basically hung around the house till 5:00 for soccer practice. it definatlly(sp?) a shitty practice. chelsea picked me up. went to my house and got my cloths and shit. came to her house. intense night!

Friday: Wake up at 9:30. got ready to leave. and left at about 10:30? stopped at McDonalds. continued on. got to the palladium at 12. and waited in line.met the lead singer of Hero Patterns. got inside at about 3:20. and watched Hero Patterns. wicked good band. then Scarter the Ashes. they were really good. went and bought there cd. its a good cd. Emanuel was really good. alot of other good bands played to. then Hidden In Plain View. Awesome!! next The Early November! they were amazing. played one of my favorite songs.(I Want To Hear You Sad) then finally got off the front bar after 4 and 1/2 hours. Chelsea got a shirt and a cd. then went outside and waited for her dad. he got there at like 8:40 got Wendy's on the way home. then came home and just chilled. gonna go to bed soon. gotta bo up for 7:05.
Senses Fail

awesome weekend. then school.

Saturday: at 9:15pm Kyle arrived here. we chiled. then dylan showed up at 9:45 and we walkd to Big Y to meet Dan. all got into his car. called a few people. stopped a few places then off to Dans. I was mad at Dylan cause he fell asleep beofre the best thing of the night. damn him. slept there. very intense night overall

Sunday: went to my game. hung out with Dan at some point. butother than that nothing really.

Monday: School was allright. Chelsea came over afterwards. and we hung out with Dan, Kyle, Dylan, John, Nate and Josh. played some kickball. intense. chelsea slept over. cool shit! over all a fun day

Tuesday: Had no school. Got to sleep in till 9:45! i was so happy. woke up. watched some of The Butterfly Effect. Then Dan, Dylan, Kyle show up here. Dan and Kyle leave to go over a friends. Me Chelsea and Dylan waited here. went to Lazers. I stole some of dylans Roast Beef. it was so good! Dylan stole a soda. that rebel. went to Kyles. watched them practice. played some dame. fun shit. drove chelsea to my house. then waited till her mom got here. she left then me dylan and dan went to Janines and got ice cream! then i got dropped off at home. overall an awesome fucking day

Today: went to school. FINALLT GOT MY HOODIE BACK! i was so excited! then when i retured to Big Y plaza Dan was waiting for me there. came here. then off for a drive. then back home. very nice of him. came here. then chilled. so far today has been a good day
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elevators in a crowded room.

Friday: woke up went to school. boring as hell. came home and found out my mom was working from 10:15 till 2 PM on saturday. Dan was havig a get together at his house but i couldent leave. so i sugested we have it here. so to find out if we can i walk down to Big Y and talk to him. he doesent care. so we call everyone and no one els cares either. awesome shit! so i walk back here and chelsea was here.(we had planned to hang out) and i hung out with her for a whiel. fun times. then she had to leae at 9:30 =( she couldent be here for the get together. that sucked. so she left then my mom leave at about 9:50. and dan kyle dylan nate john chad taylor all show up. and i we all go outside cause Lacey was having a party too. there were so many people. so we all came in my house. it was everyone i named plus stephanie alysa mike taylor and one other kid. fucking intense. then timmy and james show up. they were here for a little but we ended up kicking them out. i had like 10 people in my room it was nuts. took another elevator. it was great. then my sister came home and we chilled. went to bed. one intense night!

Today: woke up went to my game. we lost 3-0 came home showered and ate! watched tv/ talked on the phone/ came on the computer. then went to dans. came home. got my Skatefest ticket in the mail! cant wait. chillin home till 10 then sleeping at Dans house.

MCR SOTY Anberline and Letter Kills- October 27? cant wait!
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